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The next big trend in mental health treatments? Psychedelic therapy.

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Magic mushrooms for your well-being? If you haven’t heard about psychedelics being used as a treatment for mental health disorders, this year may change that. Buy Microdose Mushroom pills Online

While this type of treatment won’t be accessible to everyone in 2022 (and will likely take a while to become widespread), experts say you should expect to hear much more about this emerging wellness trend this year and beyond. Buy Microdose Mushroom pills Online

“For a long time psychedelics have been sort of frowned upon,” says Amy Morin, psychotherapist and editor-in-chief at VeryWell Mind. “We thought that they were more recreational drugs, but with a closer look, we’ve seen they can actually be really good treatments for things like depression, anxiety, even substance abuse issues.”

Dr. Matthew W. Johnson, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins and acting director of the Johns Hopkins Center of Psychedelics and Consciousness Research, has seen a gradual increase in interest around this area since he began studying it in 2004, but says there’s been a “dramatic increase in interest recently.” Buy Microdose Mushroom pills Online

And in the next several years, he says, it’s “only going to increase.”

In their 2022 wellness trend forecast, Well+Good dubbed psychedelics as being “poised to change the course of mental health treatment.” Institutions are also getting ready by opening up specialized centers to study these drugs in a mental health capacity. 

Psychedelics first gained widespread popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, but went underground after being classified a Schedule 1 controlled substance by the federal government in 1970.

In 2018, best-selling author Michael Pollan helped bring psychedelics back into the nation’s collective consciousness with his book, “How To Change Your Mind: What The New Science Of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, And Transcendence,” where he shared his research experimenting with psychedelics.

Mushrooms against a black background.

Around the same time, psychedelics were starting to make waves in the legal realm, with voting for decriminalization and legalization taking place in different parts of the country. (Oregon legalized psychedelic mushrooms for therapeutic use in 2020.) 

Today, interest is ramping up at a time when many Americans are struggling with mental health challenges brought on by the pandemic. Buy Microdose Mushroom pills Online


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