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How Microdosing Boosts Creativity

Have you ever caught on Microdosing Boosts Creativity? How did that make you feel? You must have felt maybe even angry you came in late. That is how modern society thinks about just coming to realize the positive effects of natural psychedelics like psilocybin to man, especially to our emotional and then physical health. Many native cultures have known and used it to their advantage for years. There are proliferations of proves that indicate how these ancient cultures have used different natural and potent plants as long as 10,000 years ago to their advantage to better their health. Even though we came in late, it’s beautiful that we are on the way. And now, we’ve hacked the ways to use psilocybin differently to elevate our mental capacity.

Most people don’t yet know what mushrooms do to our thought patterns. But people who do and buy shrooms online have come to appreciate how it can lighten up certain parts of your brain and make ordinary things creatively extraordinary. How novel ideas pop from nowhere. Just a mushroom trip is a fast gateway to a state where you have intercourse with the god of creativity.

But do we need a trip before we can experience those benefits? Researchers and experts ask that question, and many things are coming to light.

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The Janiger’s Psychedelic Portraits

The first proper psychological study done to understand the links between psychedelics and Microdosing Boosts Creativity was done in 1954 by a psychiatrist called Oscar Janiger. Janiger administered two doses of LSD and instructed the artist to sketch his portrait throughout his trip twice, one hour apart.

The result was that the first portrait was reasonably standard. But as the experiment went on, nevertheless, there was a change. The pictures on the second portrait became more abstract. It became non-concrete. The sketches spread out from the center towards the edges. We saw extra lines darting and dashing everywhere. After the effect of LSD, a human silhouette started to become visible, and the portrait became more concrete.

Janiger was prompted to swing into a decade-long project of studying what LSD can do to our creativity. Before he ended the project, he had dosed over 3000 people. His volunteers included Cary Grant and Aldous Huxley, who offered to be subjects for the experiment. About thirteen times, Janiger experimented with how LSD could affect his creativity. He discovered that it took him to an unboxed state where he saw many possibilities.

Though Janiger experimented mainly with LSD, the same principles can apply to the use of psilocybin. But the unfortunate event of the US government banning psychedelics in the mid-1960s led to the shutting down of Janiger’s decade-long project. His work made us understand psychedelics today if there had been no ban.

The truth is that not all places have opened their arms to the use of psychedelics, even though people buy shrooms online. But some people are using psychedelics to treat highly contemporary issues like anxiety, PTSD, depression, addiction, etc. More states are legalizing it, and you can buy shrooms online in Canada. They are still undergoing studies and research that link psychedelics and how it affects the brain.

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How Psilocybin Changes Your Thought Patterns

Creativity is amorphous; you can’t force it. It needs exploration; you allow it to flow as it should without influencing it. Creativity is a combination of several modes of thinking.

There is divergent thinking. It is the art of exploring different possibilities or solutions to solve a problem. Like from abundance solutions to bring out a solution.

While the Second one is convergent thinking, you don’t have to grapple with different solutions to choose a solution; with convergent thinking, you stay with a solution and see how best it can fit. It requires logic and critical thinking.

Then there is fluid intelligence, where the brain tackles and cracks novel problems. 

There is also conscious thought which is a creative process. Then some epiphanies bring inspiration, and you cook up or create something out of nothing. But psilocybin can help us get there.

Researchers from the Department of Psychopharmacology in Maastricht University (Netherlands) conducted a recent study revealing how divergent and convergent thinking psilocybin could be boosted. They gathered fifty participants and gave them psilocybin-infused tea. They questioned the participants about empathy and life satisfaction and monitored the creative capacity before, during, and a week after their trip. The research made them find instant upsurges in divergent thinking, improving convergent thinking.

The truth is many may question the integrity of research like this may be because the result depends on anecdotal evidence from participants and wobbly methodologies. Still, they give us the possibility of more extensive, more rigorous clinical studies, the ones that can bring the change we desire. Despite the state of current research and accessibility to psilocybin, we can see the benefits because people can buy shrooms in US and provide reports on its effects.

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Microdose, Macro Benefits

Taking psychedelics in microdose is what you need to help you get to the altar of the goddess of Microdosing Boosts Creativity. Still, you must be careful, take it in smaller doses and at reasonable intervals. Taking a dose of 50 mg every few days is enough to boost your creativity, mood, focus, and contentment. The main aim of microdosing appropriately is to promote flexibility. The effect of psilocybin in magic mushrooms can loosen pathologically rigid negative thought patterns.

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