sourdelic mushroom bites by golden ticket
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sourdelic mushroom bites by golden ticket

sourdelic mushroom bites by golden ticket

sourdelic mushroom bites by golden ticket As one YouTuber put it: “Polkas are the Dank Vapes of shrooms.” For readers who lack fluency in head shop lingo, Dank Vapes are weed vape cartridges with wrappers that are frequently doctored or counterfeited and sold online to unsuspecting customers. Branded packages are bought by sketchy dealers, who load the vape cartridges with, well, whatever. One critic called it “the biggest conspiracy in pot”. sourdelic mushroom bites by golden ticket

The blooming – or sprouting? – market of grey market psychedelics relies on a similar degree of shadiness. The fungal-curious may trust certain brands, precisely because they seem legit: with commercially printed packaging outlining dosage guidelines and even nutritional information (a standard Polkadot bar boasts 800mg of “Magic Blend”). sourdelic mushroom bites by golden ticket

Even this metric is confusing. Elsewhere, the standard packaging boasts that each bar contains 4 grams (or 4,000mg) of mushrooms. (The disparity may be accounted for by the larger number representing the weight of ground, dried mushrooms, where the smaller “magic blend” number refers to the approximate amount of psychoactive psilocybin, specifically.) sourdelic mushroom bites by golden ticket

Due to the criminalized status of these products, customers in the marketplace are naturally uneducated, and may (just as naturally) confuse the appearance of legitimacy with legitimacy itself.

Of late, reports have popped about “fake bars”. One user, a psychedelic veteran who purchased from someone they considered a trusted dealer, tells of a friend who had a seizure after eating two whole bars, in an attempt to exceed even god mode. sourdelic mushroom bites by golden ticket

“We hear a loud thud and turn around and see my best friend laying on his back,” they tell me. “After 15 seconds of seizing, he stops and his eyes open wide, and he asks who I am, and where he is, and backs into the corner like a scared puppy.” His friend stabilised after a few minutes, and there were no lingering effects. After doing some research, the user was convinced the bar was fake and was filled with designer drugs, or so-called “research chemicals”: synthesised psychoactive analogues commonly sold over the internet. sourdelic mushroom bites by golden ticket

The average, psychedelically curious individual would probably have their anxiety mitigated by knowing the exact ingredients of their bar. For their part, Polkadot (or someone anonymously speaking for them via their Telegram channel) assures me the bars contain “natural shrooms” and not compounds like 4-AcO-DMT, a research chemical that provides a psilocybin-like effect and is sometimes called “synthetic shrooms”.

“Genuine” Polkadot bars include QR codes on the wrapper, which authenticate the product by linking to their official Telegram presence. But this level of authentication may well elude the average consumer who might just want to, well, get a little high and watch the walls melt.

For adults who do this accidentally, the results can vary wildly. On social media, silly videos circulate of people filmed after unwittingly consuming mushroom chocolate. Wide smiles, bugged eyes, and those “fits of immoderate laughter” described by Dr Edward Brande back in 1799 abound. “I have never been so fascinated by trees,” on TikToker enthuses.

Other experiences are more intense. One Redditor describes watching their husband after he accidentally ate some mushroom chocolate. “He started with the giggles,” the Redditor says, “but sounds like past family issues are starting to come up and he’s having a tough time.” As the anxiety waned, the man saw visions of deceased relatives, which, far from being troubling, “brought him peace to issues he’s struggling with”.

Such anecdotal reports chime with more serious clinical research, which has illustrated that even the dreaded “bad trip” can yield positive outcomes, or significant spiritual meaning. Though it’s safe to say that embarking on such a journey unexpectedly – potentially a very intense one, if the accidental user has ingested a huge dose because they thought they were eating regular, delicious chocolate – isn’t the way they do things in the clinic.


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